Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

While it is economically better to fix what you have, there may be occasions when a replacement is more suitable. Major defects on a roof that has either been left without regular maintenance or simply taken too much damage from the weather or other causes may end up in a worsened state if there was an attempt to repair or even restore it. Most of these problems occur in residential roofing in domestic properties. Replacing a roof, however, should be easy as the process is very similar to the roof restoration service. Our teams are more than capable of pulling roof replacement jobs easily.

Like roof restoration, roof replacement gives you the opportunity to either refresh your roof’s look if you plan to choose the same look for your roof or give it a completely new look by replacing the original material with a different one. Some of the materials available include common materials such as tiles, metal sheets, and glass. We also have other materials for roof coverings like cement, sarken, material, and battens to name a few. If the customer wants to use the same material but cannot be found in our supplier’s inventory then we can offer a similar material or have it shipped in. If they have a particular request we can easily have the material exported in from its original supplier, but a request like this will have to be booked and planned in advance. Most commercial properties reuse the same materials, but domestic properties can have a wider choice. One of the newer material choices in modern-day includes something called colourbond. This material has been requested several times for its strength, security, and durability. One of the reasons for this material trend is the fact that it is both flexible and energy smart. Roofing San Francisco keeps all options open for our customers who want to renovate their roof according to what they want. If they have a particular request we can easily have the material shipped in, but a request like this will have to be booked and planned in advance.

In the process of roof replacement, we inspect the roof to begin with. This helps us identify the weaker areas that are more sensitive to collapsing. Then we mark them as a priority once we begin removing the old materials. Separating the materials is a manageable task, however, it’s important to prepare the proper equipment needed according to the material. A material like asbestos can be very hazardous. To prevent any problems, it would be a better idea that we bring in a separate team of accredited contractors for this particular task. Our teams are often paired according to the tasks on hand. Rest assured, having a separated team brought in does not add to the charges we initially agreed on.

When we begin our roof replacement process, you don’t have to worry about temporarily residing in a hotel or anything of the sort unless you want to. During the planning phase, we reach an accordance with the schedule to benefit the customer’s solace. We don’t take apart the entire roof in one sitting, instead, we make sure that the more vulnerable areas are removed and replaced first so our customers still have enough space they need to go about their day. We make it a point to strategize with our customers on which areas, apart from the fragile areas, we should fix next to avoid getting in their way.

The roof replacement can take longer to finish than restoration, usually spanning from five to eight days. But this would also have to depend on the size of the building. A house can be completed in less than seven days while a building may take longer. The latter would require a large team to cover the job.

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