It can be confusing having to choose where to buy the supplies you need for your roofing works. Several websites and blogs suggest that buying straight from your contractors has the bonus of getting advice on what you can do, what’s better, and a calling card for when you have any other questions. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it?

Videos on YouTube can say otherwise. Several people have channels that can show you how to get the job done while advertising similar products for a much cheaper cost. The only things you’d have to spend your money on are the supplies you’re getting.

So how do you decide which of the two you should listen to?

Consider this, on one hand you have a company that has been on the job for over a decade or longer. On the other, you have some people who have been doing the same thing since they were kids but without proper licensing.

The answer to this dilemma would be to pick… both!

While it is a competitive world out there, you should also consider how companies have been in the business for some time. They have experience AND certification to prove that they are more than just capable of providing you with what you know. The people posting tutorials on YouTube should be praised equally. Not only are they able to show you how you can do it yourself but they can find solutions that the companies you inquired to might have missed.

Is It Wise to Invest in Solar Panels on the Roof?

One of the benefits of living in sunny California is, well, the sun! There’s nothing like the energy we get from staying in the sun. Except for the energy we get inside our homes provided by the sun itself.

It’s become a trend for people to invest in solar panels on their roofs. The reason? There’s quite a lot of reasons for doing so. One of them being that a house for sale has a 20% chance of getting sold faster than a typical house powered by electricity. This is because of the awareness of environmental issues. This is in part due to the rising cost of electricity. Solar energy is not just an environmental help but it also cuts on the cost!

Vintage Building Structure, Modern Roof: Is It a Good Idea?

We see on social media how people are renovating their houses from an old shabby shack to a modern design and most of them look pretty impressive.

The renovations look good on other houses, but will it work for your house? You may have a dream to rebuild your houses look but you’re having seconds thoughts on the finished result. The best way to put yourself at ease is by consulting with an architect on how it would look if you pushed for it.

One option you have is to simply renovate certain areas of your house. Some houses retain their charm by changing the front and retaining the roof and everything else. What people often overlook is that you can build your house to have a modern look along with the roof but keeping its old design. How can we do that? A simple roof replacement with modern materials and a paint job that complements its modern look.

This is a much safer option as it not only gives you the chance to follow your dream of creating something very modern but keeping some of the nostalgia with contemporary materials.