Gutter Repairs

Gutter Repairs

One of the most important systems in a structure, be it a domestic or commercial building that requires roofing services is the gutter. While the roof provides shelter from heat, rain, and snow, the gutter helps the roof remain clean by diverting water and organic material from accumulating on the roof, breaking down bridge caps, punching holes into the roof, and even pooling around the foundation of our homes and building structures. Once the gutter is clogged or destroyed then water damage becomes inevitable. To keep your roof well maintained and your gutter in good condition, it’s best that you plan an advanced roof restoration service ahead of time.

Among our gutter services, we offer gutter inspection, gutter cleaning, gutter repair, and gutter and fascia board replacement.

While gutter inspection and cleaning can be easily done at home, it’s advisable that you have someone with you while you inspect in case an accident occurs when you climb up a ladder to check the condition of your fascia board. It’s better to give us a call and ask for some advice to avoid any major trouble. For houses and buildings based in the city, it’s better to have one of our teams come over to do the inspection. Even with someone helping you by holding the ladder, it’s still risky business to do so. We can also offer our cleaning service during the initial inspection. Our employees have had a better experience in cleaning out gutters from a great height. This can apply especially to buildings higher than two floors.

Apart from cleaning after the inspection, we can also check and advise on pipes that are either broken or vulnerable to holes or loosening from the grips keeping them in place. Dislodged gutter pipes could be the result of an overflow from a storm carrying leaves and other organic matter and accumulating in the pipe. The cracks in the gutter pipes could also be the result of heavy objects like rocks and loose tiles flowing in and striking the interior. The weight of the dirt and the strong gusts of wind might have ripped the gutter from its hinges. The same case could be applied to fascia boards. Because the materials used are nearly weightless, they could be easily torn off.

Roofing San Francisco has several options for fascia board replacements. One option is the steel fascia board. This kind of board boasts durability as it does not require regular maintenance or even repainting. The steel fascia board’s color is one that never fades. Another is the barge soaker fascia board. This kind of fascia board is ideal for flashing is best known for being weatherproof. The valley fascia board is renowned for its subtle texture and is popular among customers for its water protection.

Our teams have the experience and judgment to advise you on which fascia board is better suited for your gutter needs. They take into account the water flow rate that runs through the fascia board as well as the gutter pipes. Our services are not just limited to the replacement of the fascia board and gutter pipes but in their installation as well.

After the repair or replacement services, we often leave behind a guide for better guttering maintenance. This can help you prevent any further problems such as leaking, damage, or avoid an accumulation of dirt in your newly fixed gutter. A well-maintained gutter system, depending on the material used in its production, can last from 15 to even 20 years. However, it cannot always be helped for a gutter to be replaced.

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