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Is there any major difference in pricing between residential and commercial roof replacement?
The differences in our pricing depend on the size of the roof as well as the materials needed. Commercial roof services are nearly thrice the price of home roof repairs and replacements.
Can I replace my roof with a mix of glass and metal?
As a matter of fact, you can! We’ve had several customers have redesigned their roof to have metal frames and glass as create a kind of greenhouse roof.
How regularly should I clean out my gutter?
At least once every weekend in the fall and spring. In the rainy season, it’s best to check it two to three times. Fallen leaves could be piling up and clog your pipes.
Will a regular hose be okay for cleaning the roof?
A high-pressure water hose is the preferred option, however, if you don’t have one then you can use a regular hose so long as you turn the tap all the way and cover the tip with half of your finger to stream the water faster.
Can I attach solar panels to my building?
That can depend on a few factors. You have to consider the dimensions of your building, the size of the solar panels you can get, and the areas on the roof you can attach the solar panels to. You can’t just place it anywhere. You have to make sure that it can catch the sunlight in every position.

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