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When it comes to meeting your roofing needs, Roofing San Francisco is the roofing specialists in the surrounding San Francisco area that you can trust! Having started out humbly as a small local roofing company with a crew of five, Roofing San Francisco began to expand our teams and services to better meet our customer’s needs. Our teams consist of skilled roofing specialists who have an answer to each and every problem our customer may be encountering.

Roofing San Francisco has been around for ten years, starting out solely as a roof repairing company before we decided to add more manpower and opening more services such as the following:

  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Restoration
  • Roof Replacement
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Roof Painting
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Consultations

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What Do We Do?

Roofing San Francisco is a team of roofing specialists and contractors who are eager to help fix your roofing concerns. Like many roofing specialists and contractors, we aim to provide repairs and improve our client’s roofing needs whether it’s domestic or commercial properties. In order to do so, we strategize and plan according to what the customer asks us. This is something we do to reach an agreement and achieve the customer’s goal.

Consultation and Inspection

For any minor concerns, our landline and email are open to answering any questions you might have. Our lines are open to meet your inquiries, be it minor or otherwise. Consultation with us is free of charge. If your concern requires a team on the floor for the consultation, we can send one over for inspection. We have offices based around the city to meet you and make an inspection. We are more than glad to answer any concerns you may have.

Job Duration

When we complete our consultation and planning stage, we can easily estimate the duration the job would take to be completed. Not all roofs are created equal so the services may vary on what is needed. For domestic properties, they can take up to two days, considering the state of the roof and the weather. Our teams are able to work with minimal disruption to your home or office activities. A commercial property may be finished over a longer period of time, depending on the scale of the building.

Service and Equipment Pricing

Simple roof repairs on domestic properties can cost from a hundred dollars up to a thousand or more. Commercial buildings can cost from over $40,000 and higher depending on the dimension.

We charge our customers not just based on the service that they ask for but also on the scale of their roof or certain areas that they need to be covered. Our consultations via landline and email are free of charge, however, if the condition of the roof is critical you may ask a team to come over and inspect for any defects or other problems.

Apart from the services, we also have an inventory of equipment and materials that you can’t typically find in a hardware store. We price them to be budget-friendly for our customers.

Why Choose Roofing San Francisco?

Roofing San Francisco has been in the business for ten years, having started out as a crew of five simply helping fix the roofing problems of houses in their community. When we received favourable reviews and several words of encouragement to get into the roofing business, we made sure we catered to meet both the dreams and the financial budget of our customers.

Our teams are more than capable of attending your properties roof, domestic or commercial. Whether it is pitched or flat, with materials of all varieties, terracotta, concrete tiles, or wood shakes, our experience has encountered all kinds of roofing problems. As we work to improve your roofs, we make it a point to use quality materials to ensure the removal of possible build-ups of organic materials such as moss, algae, or lichen.

Since then we have hired more seasoned roofing contractors, updated our equipment with the latest technology in the market, and opened three stations in the heart of the city and its surrounding areas. Below are some powerful points that you can read to convince you that we are the specialists who can help meet your roofing needs.


In our line of work, it’s important to make sure that our end result is to the liking of our customers. So what we do is keep open communication with them. Prior to work, we plan out what the customer needs and advise on better, budget-friendly options. If we find areas that can be further improved, we give our suggestions to the customers to see if they are open.


When we initially started, the only experience we had came from fixing our own roofs. As we continued, we not only improved our own craft but gathered more knowledge of the craft through other contractors. After a couple of years, we were able to improve on all aspects of roofing and came up with more convenient yet effective methods.


When we do our work, we think of one thing: meeting our customer’s expectations. The teams of Roofing San Francisco are dedicated to delivering only the best quality services in our line of work. Whatever the problem may be, our teams are more than capable of overcoming the problems at hand.

Our Pride, Our Roofing Services

Roofing San Francisco takes great pride in our craft and meeting the expectations our customers have of us. We want our customers to have the satisfaction of seeing their roof and think of it as their crown of their properties. Roofing San Francisco has everything our client needs.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Noticeable damages tend to dent our pride as homeowners, whether it’s on the wall, the door, the windows, or even the roof. Damages can be ugly. That’s when contractors and specialists come in. The teams of Roofing San Francisco have the hustle, the knowledge, and the tools needed to seal off any leaks that your roof may have. The time it takes to repair your roof is not just quick but the end result will be evident to make you think there was no damage to begin with.

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

The mindset where ‘new is always better’ is something that not everybody can afford. Rather than replacing something altogether, it’s best to find out what can be fixed. When it comes to restoring a roof, our process begins with a thorough inspection to keep note of areas that are vulnerable and need priority. Once identified, we clean up the area before proceeding to the re-bedding and re-pointing process. This not only enforces the structure but also gives it new life and longevity so long as the roof is regularly maintained.

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

There may be times when a roof has reached the end of its life and a replacement is the only choice you’re left with. While some can view this as a troublesome task, we can assure you that our replacement service is well adjusted to meet you halfway. The process is similar to a roof restoration but it can give you the opportunity to redesign the roof altogether for domestic properties. An option in commercial properties is using a newer, stronger material in replacing your roof. We have the tools, equipment, and materials needed to perform a replacement.

Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair

A roof is able to withstand potential damages from the rain thanks to the gutter. However, the dangers here lie in the accumulation of organic matter clogging the gutter as well as the tiles of the roof sliding in and damaging the interior of the gutter. This can be fixed with some proper cleaning and using of materials that can seal any cracks present in the gutter.

Testimonials and Reviews

Here are some of the customer reviews we received after fixing their roofing systems. Several of these reviews cover all kinds of roof repairs.

“I haven’t had a leak in my roof since they sealed the crack.”
– Ed
“Ever since I had my roof replaced, the rest of my house just looks a little too awkward. They did a really, really good job!”
– Anne
“Our building is really old. We usually get the walls painted to give it a modern look but the terracotta roof just looked shabby. So we consulted with Roofing San Francisco to see what options we could get. We agreed to just have the roof torn off and replaced. It was a little heartbreaking because of the nostalgia that came with the building but the finished product was really good! I have no regrets about replacing our roof.”
– Gerald
“They were more budget-friendly than I initially expected. The end result could easily have been at least twice what they charged if I had gone for a different contractor. Needless to say, I was generous with my tip. Keep it up!”
– Kara
“Roofing San Francisco was the only contractor that was available for booking on a three day period. Luckily, they were able to push the schedule earlier and I was REALLY GLAD! If I waited for another week, my roof would have caved in and my room would have been ruined, not to mention the rainy season was coming.”
– Analeigh
“Punctual and always checking if I’m pleased with the result. Really good to work with. I usually recommend them to other architects.”
– Josh
“We’ve had our house for as long as I can remember. My grandparents bought it around the sixties. It’s the house my family and I grew up in. I was already working when they passed away and our parents gave us the key because they decided to move out. When my siblings and I moved in, we noticed the gutter was nearly broken off. Not just that but there was a leak in one of the bedrooms upstairs. I checked in for any roofing companies and luckily, Roofing San Francisco was one of the first numbers I called that was available. We were able to get a team to come over and inspect it. Turned out we had a lot of roofing problems. When I asked what we could get done, I was anxious about the cost but I was surprised that it wasn’t as high as I expected (I did some research early on just to be prepared) and I asked that they work on it as soon as possible. They were able to finish the work in less than a week! I was glad to find them online.”
– Gabriel
“I was so sure that they were going to tell me they couldn’t get the roof I wanted to be done and laugh at what I had planned out but I was surprised when they told me that it was very do-able. I was relieved they didn’t ridicule me. By the time they finished, I was really impressed! I’ve been recommending them to my husband’s architect friends.”
– Nancy
“I had them fix up my roof a few years ago. Since then, we’ve only been consulting them for the minor problems we have. And there isn’t a lot.”
– Chesca
“I’m an online tutor and I usually work from home. When I had my roof restored, I had no choice but to work simultaneously with the repair. I was expecting to hear a lot of metal getting ripped, hammering, and the usual renovation sound 24/7. But the whole time, they only made some noise a couple of times. It was amazing how diligently they worked!”
– Daphne

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